Isabel Loen

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Isabel spent her childhood in Mexico City. Her home was always filled with dogs and storytelling. Many evenings she’d drift off to sleep alongside one or two of the family’s pets, entranced by the artistic, lifelike images conjured up in her father’s bedtime tales. To this day, many of these fables are as vivid and vibrant as their first telling for Isabel and she is grateful to her father for encouraging a youthful imagination that greatly enriched her daily life.

Isabel’s love for words and foreign languages began in her early years as she traveled the world as a young girl. Her path around the globe continued through her time at university where she absorbed the dialects and cultures of Mexico, England, France and Japan. Many of the characters in Casilda’s Magic Tent are rooted in the local people and traditions from these places. Isabel’s passion now is to transform these fond memories into captivating narratives which expose children to international ideas and teach them about timeless issues that remain relevant in our modern times.

A few things to know about Isabel:
She is an enthusiastic sailor and can play a decent hand of mahjong.
She loves orange marmalade and has a passion for the traditional Mexican dish, Chiles en Nogada.
Her heart breaks each time she sees a helpless animal in need.

Isabel lives in Santa Barbara, California
with her 10 year-old Maltese, Tallulah Guadalupe,
the true love of her life.