The Griffon

Tintin is an alluring and enchanting black Brussels Griffon. Shy about sharing his blue-blood origins, Tintin always concealed his noble pedigree. His great-great-grandfather was the favorite dog of King Albert I of Belgium. He even inherited the royal title “Duke Axel van Gotha of Florenville”.
Despite his regal status, Tintin’s heartless owner found the dog unbearably ugly and dropped him off at the pound. Sadly, Tintin preferred a 2’ x 2’ metal cage to life in a luxurious mansion with a stale man who failed to see his true beauty. While behind bars, Tintin drew close to his Landseer friend, Dame Wendolyn Archer. Together, the duo hatched an escape plan out into the dog-friendly little town of Montecito and soon became inseparable. Before long, they met the stunning Tallulah Guadalupe and her family of furry friends.