Our main protagonist, Tallulah Guadalupe, is a purebred Maltese, born with the unique quality of being a furry enchantress. The Fortune Star became her godmother at birth.
She is one lucky pooch. She has more love coming her way than her little body could ever store. Using her magic bowl, Tallulah begins to feel deep compassion for the other dogs who, unlike her, are struggling. She learns how to share this inordinate amount of extra love with Cute-Tip, Wendolyn, Tintin, Valentina, Toshi, and Billabong – a stray band of adorable, abandoned misfits that found one another and only crave a meaningful belonging.
Tallulah believes she is more human than dog. This particular attribute gives her the ability to feel people’s thoughts – quite an exceptional gift. However, this remarkable ability can also be an obstacle for she seems to prefer relating more to humans than dogs. She will soon discover though that meeting her discombobulated posse will be a meaningful blessing in disguise.