a.k.a Cute;Tip

Cute-Tip is a rare, albino Pekingese. To put it simply, she is just too cute, hence her nickname. Her owners rejected her for being too white, proving that racism does come in all colors. Cute-Tip grew up hearing that her fur color was an issue. They told her she resembled the TV character, Casper the Friendly Ghost. Cute-Tip eventually began to feel invisible herself, overlooked by the world and uncomfortable in her own skin. The damage to her self-esteem started to dampen her colorful personality.
One day, she realized her only choice was to run away from her Orange County, California home and hitch a ride north in a Panda Express restaurant delivery truck. When the drivers stopped for gas in the village of Montecito, she peered through the window and noticed the unimaginable: another very white dog. Cute-Tip would soon meet this snowy creature, Tallulah Guadalupe, who would become her forever friend.